A Solution for Power Outages

Every year, around the same time, there are a lot of thunder storms that come into my area, and they usually cause the power to go out. Sometimes it only stays out for a few minutes, while other times it can be off for a few days. After the last power outage, I decided that I would at least get some kind of generator that would allow me to have a little electricity to run the essentials. I found a nice 2000 watt generator for doing just that. It was being sold online for a pretty nice discount, so I hopped on it.

I was essentially waiting for the next power outage to happen. They say a watched car never crashes in NASCAR, and I guess a similar saying could apply to a power outage. While sitting around waiting for one to happen, I didn’t get a single thunder storm. I was beginning to think that my purchase of the generator would be for nothing, and the storms would simply pass by my area this season. As soon as I let my guard down by thinking this, a bad storm started to brew and came to my area, bringing a lot of rain with it.

Just like clockwork, the storm knocked out the power, and it stayed off for a full day. This was the perfect time to put my generator to work. I hooked it up to a reading lamp to test it out, and the lamp came on and shined as brightly as it would have if it had been connected to one of the outlets in my home. Next I tried the generator with a portable electric stove, and the stove turned on and heated my food. I was glad that it worked, because I didn’t have a chance to cook dinner before the storm.