Engineers with good JEE rank in India either spend their time stealing the identity of their classmate or preventing identity theft

The indian government is directly responsible for the greatest waste of engineering talent in the world, due to which make in India has not succeeded. Engineers from top colleges who hold indian government jobs in ntro and other agencies are wasting their education and other resources at their disposal, stealing the identity of their engineering classmates who they hate, to enjoy free sex, get money, sex bribes, career help from top officials whose relatives get raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity of the engineer.
On the other hand, engineers who are small business owners are wasting their time, money and other resources in trying to prevent their powerful classmates steal their identity, as these powerful fraud male classmates fake their relationship with the small business owner to steal everything from the small business owner, like the identity, savings, correspondence and memory, falsely claiming to help

India does not care for trained and experienced engineers from top colleges, government employees are allowed to waste infinite tax payer money to steal their identity of their engineering classmates to enjoy free sex, get money bribes and career help