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In some cases instead of money, greedy government employees EXTORTING resumes of professionals to get their lazy greedy fraud relatives/friends raw/cbi jobs

Like the aryan khan extortion case GREEDY LIAR madhya pradesh government involved in EXTORTION for 11 years to get indore ROBBER housewife deepika/veena raw salary at the expense of goa 1989 jee topper
One of the reasons why the Aryan Khan arrest case got a lot of publicity, is because it shows the real behavior of the government employees which the mainstream media does not cover otherwise, especially the extortion rackets which they are running to become richer
Though they get a very good salary and pension, there is no limit to their greed, the central and state government employees are always finding excuses to extort money from indian citizens, with those from powerless communities like the domain investor worst affected. While the NCB case is being verified, there are cases filed against former mumbai police commissioner parambir singh, IPS for extortion. The shiv sena MP sanjay raut, also mentioned that Samuel D’souza was involved in money laundering for IPS and IAS officers.
The domain investor is mainly complaining about the extortion of her btech 1993 ee classmates working in ntro/raw/cbi who are making fake allegations and then cheating, exploiting and torturing her in a sophisticated form of extortion
Additionally the state government like the madhya pradesh, goa, karnataka, haryana, maharashtra government are also running an extortion racket, making fake security threat allegations without any proof against the harmless single woman engineer for saving some money
India does not have a pension system or social security and the engineer has saved some money for her old age, when it will be difficult to get paid work.
For example the GREEDY LIAR shameless madhya pradesh government is aware that indore ROBBER housewife deepika/veena has assets of more than Rs 7-8 crores in the form of land and gold which is more than the assets of the domain investor, single woman engineer, goa 1989 jee topper who only has some savings
When indore robber raw employee deepika/veena with assets of Rs 7-8 crores is not labelled a security threat, why is the single woman engineer with far less assets, falsely labelled a security threat, the indian and state government fail to explain
yet taking advantage of the fact that the goa 1989 jee topper has no one to help or defend her, the madhya pradesh and other dishonest state governments are falsely labelling the goa 1989 jee topper a security threat without any proof at all, to steal her resume, and get lazy greedy frauds monthly raw/cbi salaries at the expense of the goa 1989 jee topper, domain investor, in a case of government SLAVERY which ILO should be aware of
For example, the greedy goan bhandari CALL GIRL raw employee sunaina chodan, has never invested money in domains, has no engineering degree, yetfraud LIAR goan bhandari officials led by pritesh chodankar, naik are criminally defaming the domain investor, in a clear case of RESUME THEFT the goa government, is falsely claiming that sunaina, panaji call girl is an experienced engineer in a case of RESUME EXTORTION, financial fraud
Similar panaji greedy goan gsb housewife cbi employee ROBBER riddhi nayak caro only COOKING, CLEANING for her husband cheater caro, working in security agencies is also running an extortion racket in panaji, stealing all the correspondence and faking domain ownership
Showing their lack of corporate ethics, allegedly google, tata, indian internet companies continue to support the extortion racket of greedy government employees and it has continued for 11 years without being questioned

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Cutting Down Trees to Make Room for a Modular

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We had scoped out the property to find the best place for the modular, and the only good place was already occupied by two large trees. We could have put the modular in front of the trees, but I did not want to risk the trees falling on their new home should we get a severe storm. I went online to start researching the best way to cut down two trees. I found a local tree services company, and I just contacted them, hoping they could come out and give us an estimate on what it would cost to remove the two trees.

I know some people would have a hard time cutting down two healthy trees, but my parents being close to me was higher on my priority list. If it meant the trees coming down so they could be close to me, I was all for it. The arborist came out to look at the trees and give me an estimate on what it would cost to take down both trees, remove the stumps and do some landscaping to make it nice for my folks. The price was definitely reasonable, so I went ahead and scheduled it. The trees are now down, the modular is coming next week, and our whole family is so excited!

FRAUD raw/cbi employees planning to change their name to goa 1989 jee topper in google, tata masterminded identity theft fraud since 2010

The legal names of the google, tata sponsored FRAUD raw/cbi employees is different from the goa 1989 jee topper, a single woman engineer, domain investor, who they are impersonating to get a monthly raw/cbi salary since 2010
The fraud raw/cbi employees are also using their legal name to get monthly government salaries from raw/cbi, yet indicating that top indian tech and internet companies led by google, tata are some of the top online fraudsters, they are planning to change their name to that of the goa 1989 jee topper, only to steal her retirement savings, resume, domains including this one
So in addition to age testing which will easily prove the fraud of most raw/cbi employees faking domain ownership, it is also advisable to check the social media profile on facebook, instagram and the nameplate of the house where they are actually residing.

Bank account change exposes goa government fraud of falsely linking identity of single woman with her mailing address

Most domain investors are using a post box address if they have more domains
In India, like elsewhere, people are always changing their mailing address, for personal, professional reasons . Yet in a major fraud of the indian internet,tech sector, the companies and government are involved in a fraud of linking the identity of domain investors with their mailing address,falsely claiming that their neigbours own the property,bank account

Legally the bank account of a citizen in india is linked to the PAN and identity of the citizen, it is not linked to the address. Yet allegedly bribed by google, tata, indian tech and internet companies, the indian and 5 state governments in goa, karnataka, madhya pradesh, haryana, maharashtra are openly involved in a FINANCIAL FRAUD on the goa 1989 jee topper, also a domain investor, making fake claims about her bank account to get various lazy greedy frauds raw/cbi salaries at her expense, while CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the single woman engineer

In panaji,goa the intelligence and security agencies are openly involved in a financial fraud,falsely claiming that high status frauds living near the mailing address of the domain investor, engineer own her bank account, domains, to get all these frauds monthly government salaries while criminally defaming the single woman engineer, who has no one to help or defend her
Due to the criminal defamation in panaji, the domain investor could not use one bank account after bank merger, so she used another bank account opened in mumbai , changing the mailing address for the bank account. In future, she can change the mailing address again to the non-goa address and use the same bank account

This exposes the indian government fraud of rewarding the google, tata sponsored fraud neighbours of domain investors, with raw/cbi jobs, falsely claiming that these frauds with no online income,no online investment, are online experts,domain investors
The identity of a domain investor is not linked to the place where she is living, which mailing address is used, it is linked to the person, her skills,investment and the indian tech, internet sector should end its fraud at the earliest .

Greedy goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, has made a profit of Rs 21 lakh from impersonating the domain investor

Now that india’s top domain fraudster R&AW employee stock trader amita patel has robbed everything from the real domain investor, she is slowly exposing the great profits her various puppets who collaborated with her in CRIMINALLY DEFAMING, CHEATING, EXPLOITING and robbing the domain investor are making
Online she is claiming that the greedy goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, has made a profit of Rs 21 lakh from impersonating the domain investor using the stolen data of the domain investor with the help of the amita patel gang which includes mhow monster ntro employee puneet

The greedy goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl scammer sunaina chodan does not invest in a computer, does not invest in domains, yet the greedy gujju fraud gang, google, tata PIMPS aggressively marketed the greedy goan call girl with no online income, as an online expert, to get her great powers, lucrative assignments making a profit of Rs 21 lakh

This is posted as a fraud alert, so that people are aware that panaji greedy goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan does not invest money in domains though she gets a government salary for making fake claims and has made a profit of Rs 21 lakh according to amita patel.

R&AW job for tata power employee’s wife with fake bank account, shows tata role in identity theft of goa 1989 jee topper

Since greedy shameless shivalli brahmin girls do not want to give JEE, liar shivalli brahmin officials criminally defame engineers with a good JEE rank

This is posted as a fraud alert so that people are aware that greedy shameless LIAR shivalli brahmin officials like hathwar, kodancha criminally defame engineers with a good JEE rank, so that they steal their resume, to get lazy greedy fraud shivalli brahmin women like nayanshree 2005 bbm, wife of tata power special electronics division employee guruprasad raw job with the stolen identity of the single woman engineer
The pathological LIAR shameless fraud shivalli brahmins are aware that the single woman is innocent, yet being extremely aggressive and shameless in their identity theft, they lie like parrots to ruin the reputation of the single woman engineer who has no one to defend her and who these liar officials do not have the courage or honesty to face

Later the single woman engineer is proved innocent, however shivalli brahmin bengaluru cheater housewife nayanshree retains her R&AW job with fake resume,fake bank account in a clear case of government financial fraud, criminal defamation of the goa 1989 jee topper, a single woman engineer

this is posted as a fraud alert so that people companies, countries are aware that SHAMELESS LIAR shivalli brahmin officials like hathwar, kodancha are pathological liars who should not be trusted have CRIMINALLY DEFAMED goa 1989 jee topper only to get a raw job for their relative nayanshree,2005 BBM wife of a tata power employee guruprasad

Indian tech, internet companies do not want domain investor to invest in shares since their identity theft will be exposed

Though the cybercriminal greedy gujju stockbroker FRAUD raw employee asmita patel did not spend any money on domains, due to google, tata. indian internet companies open support of CYBERCRIME far worse than than ex-google engineer anthony levandowski stealing all the data of the single woman engineer, domain investor to make fake claims of domain ownership to get asmita patel a monthly raw salary at the expense of the real domain investor

The greedy gujju fraudster asmita patel was helped by her fraud brahmin sugar daddy ntro employee mhow monster puneet who HATED the single woman engineer, his btech 1993 ee classmate, so being a cunning greedy fraud, he faked his relationship and falsely claimed that the domains of the single woman he hated belonged to him, to get his lazy greedy fraud girlfriends like asmita patel monthly raw/cbi salaries at the expense of the real domain investor.

Since mhow monster puneet and other ntro/raw employees were experts at mental torture, making fake promises, the domain investor tolerated their fraud for 7-8 years. Now it is clear that all ntro/raw employees HATE the domain investor, she is asking why they are misusing her name to make fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud girlfriends like asmita patel, who are already involved in a Rs 1 crore fraud on the domain investor

The greedy gujju fraud asmita patel has a very powerful gang hiding behind her, and they have hacked the computer of the single woman domain investor, and are making it very slow when she is checking the various share prices, wasting her time. The fraud indian tech, internet companies do not want the domain investor, engineer to invest in shares, since this will make identity theft more difficult

Yet being extremely selfish and greedy the fraud indian tech, internet companies fail to realize that the domain investor has no motivation at all, to do anything online, since she is cheated, exploited in the worst manner, treated worse than a slave, with no internet, tech company willing to accept that she alone is doing the computer work, investing money in domains.

Seventh floor flat at Srikunti park chs, marol.mumbai, is proof of the tata power, shivalli brahmin connection of the identity theft fraud on the goa 1989 jee topper

Though google, tata are dismissing all the content as spam in reality there is a connection with tata power which can be legally proved
Only after making payment to a female living in a Seventh floor flat at Sri kunti park chs, marol.mumbai in 2011-2012, the retirement savings of the goa 1989 jee topper were robbed without a legally valid reason, allegedly by government agencies.
During a visit, the tenant indicated that the flat was rented by a shivalli brahmin tata power employee during the period.
Like mba hr raw employee ruchika kinge , the female nayanshree refused to reply after the savings of the goa 1989 jee topper were stolen allegedly by nayanshree’s friend’s and relatives and taken to delhi for identity theft
An open challenge to tata power, to prove that its employee did not own the Sri kunti park chs from 2011-2013 and did not rent it to a tata power special electronics division employee,whose wife nayanshree, received payment from the goa 1989 jee topper
Multiple people confirmed that the flat was owned by a tata power employee and rented out to a person also working in tata power

This indicates how top corporates in India are openly involved in identity theft rackets on hardworking single women with a good JEE rank like the goa 1989 jee topper from poor communities to allegedly get high status shivalli brahmin frauds who did not answer JEE raw/cbi salaries with stolen identity of the goa 1989 jee topper

Anyone with information of the tata power employee guruprasad or his wife nayanshree can contact on, since the goa 1989 jee topper is wasting a lot of time and money to recover her stolen savings of twenty years