Developing offline hobbies best way to deal with online identity theft

One of the main mistakes of the fraud government officials like puneet, j srinivasan, hathwar, kodancha who masterminded the identity theft racket on the google competitor was that they underestimated the google competitor, that though they destroyed her memory, she remained a quick learner and would find a solution to the problems which she faced after very honestly evaluating her strengths and weaknesses, unlike the government, ntro employees who have massive egos , are very arrogant,greedy, affecting their judgement .

So when ntro started stealing, deleting and manipulating all data on her computer using the sophisticated ntro equipment they had, instead of wasting her time and energy fighting a very powerful enemy who could waste infinite indian tax payer money, the google competitor, engineer kept all important records handwritten offline , using the computer as a typing machine . She also greatly reduced her internet usage and developed other interests like gardening, stitching, keeping pets, crochet, which she did not spend time on earlier

So when they no longer had access to the latest financial records, the greedy cunning fraud ntro employees were forced to give up their identity theft racket. So originally in the computer generated records of ntro, their favorite sex worker would be the online expert, however because of the manual record keeping, they are forced to give up as she is no longer associated with the internet sector, other than being an investor

This is in contrast to other domain investor who are tortured far more, yet continue to use smartphones, online chat and the latest technologies being developed, and are further tortured