Photoshopped videos, fake allegations used to steal the identity of experienced women engineers in India

The fraud ntro employees like parmar, parekh, nikhil sha, j srinivasan, vijay are defaming the engineer making fake allegations without any legally valid proof and circulating manipulated PHOTOSHOPPED PHOTOS, videos of the woman and then stealing her identity to get their lazy greedy fraud friends and relatives raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity of woman engineer.

There is major problem with the indian government, indicating the worsening status of educated hardworking women in India ,just because a fraud ntro, security agency employee is making fake allegations without any legally valid proof against a woman engineer her hates, and circulating PHOTOSHOPPED videos, photos of her, he is allowed to steal her identity and get any girlfriend of his a permanent raw/cbi jobs, in a major fraud of the indian government resulting in the waste of a huge amount of indian taxpayer money paying salaries to frauds with stolen resumes.

Just because some fraud makes fake allegations without proof and circulated PHOTOSHOPPED photos, videos, why does indian government expect experienced women engineers to tolerate resume, identity theft