Victims of identity theft in India are supposed to keep quiet

One of the features of the google, tata masterminded identity theft racket is that the victims are supposed to keep quiet and tolerate the exploitation for the rest of their life. On Quora a person Srini also confirmed that there are many victims of identity theft in India, yet he wanted the victim to keep quiet, falsely claiming that the victim was misleading people. It also appears that no one is complaining and the masterminds are trying to bully the engineer to keep quiet so that their sex, bribery racket is not exposed

It is the truth, and identity theft victims also have the right to justice, right to equality as specified in the indian constitution. If mistakes are made, it is time they are corrected . After the nazis were defeated, their victims got justice, in south africa, after apartheid ended, the victims got justice, so why are identity theft victims denied justice in India ? Why should some other lazy greedy fraud get a salary, powers, falsely claiming to have the resume, investment of a person she cheated, defamed, exploited for the rest of her life ?

However though the google competitor initially was affected by the fraud, lies, fake allegations , now she finds that there is no reason why she should tolerate the defamation, cheating, exploitation any further, why sex workers, frauds should get credit,a monthly salary for work which they do not do, money they do not spend, education, experience, they do not have.

So she will continue to expose the sex, bribery racket, financial fraud, as any way there is almost no paying work available for her in India and elsewhere , so that the maximum number of people are aware of the fraud, as a social service. The engineer also wants raw/cbi to be honest about the real resume, investment of their lazy greedy inexperienced sex worker, fraud employees and stop falsely associating these fraud employees with her.