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Panaji greedy goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee ROBBER riddhi nayak caro refuses to end her identity theft fraud

The greedy goan gsb cbi employee housewife robber riddhi nayak caro is the wife of a powerful security agency employee cheater caro, her fraud father nayak is also working in security agencies. She has plenty of money, good social status, leads a very happy life since no one is harassing, cheating or exploiting her.
Yet indicating the extreme greed of the goan gsb cheater housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, she is always wanting to CHEAT, EXPLOIT, ROB other citizens, especially hardworking older single women who have no one to help or defend them against greedy robber riddhi and her FRAUD family
Panaji’s top extortionist robber riddhi nayak caro does not want to spend her time sitting in front of the computer for 8-10 hours daily, ignoring her husband, family, having no social life ,she only want to spend her time COOKING, CLEANING for her husband cheater caro
Yet being extremely GREEDY SHAMELESS SCAMMER, robber riddhi ( like tata power employee guruprasad’s wife nayanshree) is a greater CYBERCRIMINAL that ex-google engineer, anthony levandowski, she with the help of her fraud family, is stealing all the information of the single woman engineer domain investor hacking computers, using the latest wireless technologies, and being a pathological LIAR, is falsely claiming that she is doing the computer work, to get great powers,monthly government salary at the expense of the single woman
To cover up her COMPUTER WORK, SKILLS, FINANCIAL FRAUD panaji ROBBER riddhi and her fraud family are criminally defaming the hardworking single woman since 2012 with completely fake stories so that no one questions the greediest goan fraud ROBBER riddhi on her accounting, banking fraud, CYBERCRIME, SLANDER, government SLAVERY
Tired of the endless SLANDER of greedy goan ROBBER riddhi, husband CUNNING CHEATER caro,famous FRAUD father nayak, the domain investor, engineer has left goa for more than 14 months to live in a metro city. Yet showing the SHAMELESS SCAMMER greedy goan officials/leaders, like the indore, haryana, bengaluru, gujju officials/leaders do not have the honesty and humanity to leave the single woman engineer,domain investor alone, continue to closely monitor and ROB her to get monthly government salaries for faking saving
Though greedy goan ROBBER riddhi, goan bhandari raw employee CALL GIRL sunaina chodan, sindhi scammer naina premchandani have never lived in a metro city in their life, they have lived in goa all their adult life, showing the extent of the massive government FINANCIAL FRAUD, all the raw/cbi employees are falsely claiming to own the savings, have the resume of the single woman engineer who had a job for several years and get a monthly government salary at the expense of the single woman engineer as part of the government identity theft racket
The domains are always available for sale. yet th greedy married raw/cbi employees, siddhi mandrekar do not want to purchase the domains legally, rely on tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata to run the identity theft racket since 2010
This government policy of rewarding CHEATER married women , frauds like siddhi mandrekar for FAKING domain ownership, bank account, online income, is causing great losses to the real domain investor forcing her to protest, so that people realize the extent of government accounting fraud in the indian internet sector.