greedy indian tech, internet companies have HACKED the indian intelligence system to get jobs for frauds with fake identities

Indian government refuses to admit that the intelligence system has been HACKED by greedy indian tech, internet companies to increase their profit
When tech companies develop software, they ensure that there is no loophole, which hackers can exploit. They offer a bug bounty, to those who detect the loophole and fix it at the earliest.
The indian intelligence agency system for recruiting domain investor, online experts has a major loophole, which the greedy indian tech, internet companies have EXPLOITED for the last ten years to increase their profit, making the indian taxpayer pay for SEX, MONEY BRIBES they offer to top indian security, intelligence employees like hathwar, j srinivasan, pritesh chodankar

yet the indian government is so inefficient, CORRUPT like an incompetent software company which refuses to correct the loopholes, resulting in wastage of indian taxpayer and complaints from indian citizens who are CHEATED by their corrupt greedy employees