A Taste for New Cuisine

When I get hungry, I usually got to the same old places that I’ve been used to visiting for the past 10 years. There’s a place that sells sandwiches, one that sells Chinese food, one that sells Greek food, and even one that sells soul food. I rotate between all of them, but I still get tired of them. I don’t eat Italian food that often, so I thought that an Italian restaurant San Diego residents could eat at would be a nice change of pace. I looked for one at one of the online restaurant review sites and hopped in the car and drove there for a nice meal.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, I noticed the smell of Italian food when I stepped in. This was a smell that I don’t smell very often, and it was amazing. There was something about the smell of marina sauce and pasta that was making my senses go into overdrive. I could practically taste the food, even though I hadn’t eaten a bite of it yet. I was seated and given some bread while I looked at the menu and decided on an appetizer and an entree for the night. I had my mind set on some classic spaghetti, so I ordered that with a salad.

The dinner was great, and it was like I had actually gone to Italy and eaten a meal there. I also had some dessert with the meal. Now I feel like going to that restaurant over all of the other ones that were in my cycle of restaurants. There’s so many things on the menu that I can try so I at least won’t get tired of it for a long time. I might even start going there for lunch if I can get there in time.