Even amazon realizes that it is extremely difficult for engineer targetted for identity theft to get any product orders

The indian government spends a large amount in selecting and educating engineers for top colleges,
Yet in a clear indication of the incompetence of the indian government, after they have worked for twenty years, the government is also wasting money to keep the best engineers in India idle, so that they do not get any paying work and agree to an extremely unfair and humiliating identity theft, give up their impressive resume, savings to the google,tata sponsored relatives and friends of top officials

Amazon also realized that the google competitor, domain investor and engineer would not get any order from the website, despite listing some products, because the indian government is ruthless in stealing the identity of some engineers, and is wasting crores of rupees in indian tax payer money to ensure that they do not get any paying orders.

Only the family and friends of the engineer will acknowledge her, everyone else believes the government lies, and they are the only persons who will place any order.