google competitor wasting time, money to end identity theft of NTRO,R&AW,cbi

Just because a powerful fraud ntro employee who hates a domain investor , cunningly and falsely claims to know her very well, to steal her resume, savings for a good looking well connected women he is infatuated with or having an extra marital affair, to get his girlfriend, a R&AW/cbi job with the stolen resume, why is the domain investor expected to tolerate the identity theft, exploitation for the rest of her life
The ntro employee had no right to interfere in the life of the domain investor and steal her resume, savings for his mediocre lazy greedy girlfriend and get her a raw/cbi job with the stolen resume, savings of a stranger .
If he does not have the honesty and humanity to admit and correct the fact, the domain investor subjected to identity theft is going to complain very loudly so that everyone is aware of the financial, online fraud of the ntro employees and their girlfriends who they have got raw/cbi jobs as everyone has the right to justice, to equality