Identity theft of experienced engineers from top colleges is a major waste of indian tax payer money

The indian government is facing financial problems like an increasing current account deficit because it is squandering away the money which is collected as tax on google, tata sponsored fraud employes faking their engineering degree, experience, skills , work

Though top officials are repeating their lies like parrots, the fact remains that fake references will not convert goan sex workers, school dropouts and other google,tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree into experienced engineers overnight, they will continue to lack training, skills, experience, knowledge, only the government is wasting tax payer money on their salaries. Engineers get a degree only after passing exams

So just because some incompetent dishonest cheater security, cbi employees made fake allegations without any proof at all, against a harmless single woman engineer, the indian government is refusing to admit the mistake of their employees and end the identity theft racket. So the indian government spends tax payer money educating engineers at top colleges, and after they have some years experience, again wastes tax payer money keeping them idle, reducing their income, so that they agree to identity theft

This again proves that indian citizens are extremely unlucky that they are cursed with governments which are involved in identity theft rackets with both major parties having exactly the same attitude as they are controlled by large corporates like google,tata