Identity theft fraud information posted as a social service

During college, the batchmates of a google competitor subjected to identity theft also told her that she was giving GRE and leaving india because she was told by reliable sources that the extremely corrupt dishonest indian intelligence and security agencies specialize in destroying the life of engineers from top colleges, if they remain in India.

25 years later the google competitor can confirm that her prediction was true, as bribed by google, tata, the indian and goan government falsely claim that google,tata supplied goan sex workers, document robbers,cheater housewives like nayanshree hathwar,riddhi nayak, frauds who never answered JEE, have the engineers resume, investment to get them R&AW/cbi jobs at her expense, while the engineer is working like a slave, not getting anything and held virtual prisoner by the fraud raw/cbi employees who are running an extortion racket, stealing correspondence, leads, orders, after stealing savings, resume.

The engineer and google competitor does not want other harmless hardworking engineers with a good JEE rank to have their life destroyed only because they made the mistake of remaining in India where honesty, hard work, experience does not matter, especially in the indian internet sector. Till the atrocities of indian intelligence and security agencies on harmless citizens end, the problems will continue , this is posted as a social service as the indian government refuses to investigate and end the fraud.