ISI and other intelligence agencies attack private indian citizens who are impersonated by R&AW/cbi employees

R&AW/cbi should create a new identity for their good looking lazy employees, they have no right to steal the identity of private citizens for their sex worker, fraud employees, because the private citizens are then attacked by ISI and other intelligence agencies which are hostile to R&AW and their life becomes hell.

The hostile foreign intelligence agencies are misled by the lies of the R&AW/cbi employees and in a case of mistaken identity they attack the private citizen, who are not compensated in any way , while the raw/cbi employees are well protected, escape unhurt, and enjoy a monthly government salary with the stolen resume

Other intelligence agencies like Mossad create a fresh new identity for their agents, it is time that R&AW/cbi does the same, they have no right to steal the identity of a private citizen, causing confusion and great financial losses, ruining the life of the person whose identity has been stolen by indian government agencies