June 16

2016 reddit post shows that government SLAVERY of identity theft victim is very well planned

Though the greedy shameless rich and powerful communities like gujjus, sindhis, shivalli brahmins,goans, indoris, khatris are extremely aggressive in dismissing all the content of the website network as spam to cover up the resume theft, identity theft of the domain investor by high status well connected frauds from these communities, others have noticed the government SLAVERY RACKET of making a private citizen work very long hours, invest a huge amount of money in domains for very money.

Then the private citizen domain investor is criminally defamed, slander so that the government agencies can falsely claim that the domains, paypal and bank account belongs to the greedy government employees and pay them monthly salaries at expense of the real domain investor in a case of government SLAVERY. Everyone who has worked with the domain investor professionally are aware that she was very hardworking, yet the government agencies are extremely vicious in slandering her after stealing all her data so that no one would question the identity/resume theft.

While the domain investor was very systematically isolated in goa, with all her correspondence being robbed, in the last few months she noticed a 2016 reddit post featuring her domain problems.in . It appears that the government job racket in the indian internet sector after slandering hardworking domain investors to cheat, exploit them is very systematic, and well planned, so someone took pity on the domain investor who was ruthlessly cheated,exploited, robbed and posted the thread on reddit on government SLAVERY.

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